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First Form

Second Form

Third Form

Belt Tying 101

Uniform Folding


Student Handbook Cover Page
Class Rules
Confrontation Rules
Student Oath and Tenets of Taekwon-do
11th Gup Requirements
10th Gup Requirements
9th Gup Requirements
8th Gup Requirements
Form Meanings
Korean Numbers

Reflex Development Game


Left Joystick: RIGHT (or F key) - Block right straight punches
Left Joystick: LEFT (or D key) - Block a right hooks
Left Joystick: DOWN ( or V hey) - Block right uppercuts
Right Joystick: LEFT (or J key) - Block left jabs
Right Joystick: RIGHT (or K key) - Block left hooks
Right Joystick: DOWN (or N key) - Block left uppercuts
Start Button or Escape key - Pause/Unpause game
Select Button or C key - Skip dialogue
A button or ENTER key - Select menu option/Proceed through dialogue
D-pad or Arrow Keys - Navigate through menu options